What is a Philosophy Paper: Types and Their Discussion

Academic writing is a course that candidates must undertake in their graduate school. You are required to compose a theology paper to show your knowledge of a particular subject. This helps to evaluate if you are worth the doctoral journey. Because of the importance of a research project, scholars are always encouraged to conduct a number of trials with different aims. Some of them are metaphysical, while others are scientific.

A notable addition is the dissertation written by students pursuing Ph.D. degrees.

It is conducted when one is exploring a topic related to a specific discipline. The structure of the article is that of any other piece that bears the same title click for source. When composing a philosophical essay, ensure it contains all the sections included in a standard book; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.


Writing a Thesis Proposal

Once done, create an outline that summarizes the main ideas of the document. Then within the first paragraph, give a brief description of why the third idea is better than the rest. Make sure the explanation is pertinent to the context of the issue. Finally, state how the fourth claim will help to answer the question of where your research has come from.

Literature Review

List scholarly material that relate to the chosen area of study. Within the literature review, format the sources such as journals and books alongside the author’s work. However, it should be relevant to discuss the contribution of the theories and criticisms to that field.

Methodological Examination

This section is based on a discussion of methods that will assist the reader to dissect the results of a researcher’s experiment. They may include the qualitative, quantitative, or interview. If it is a technical method, depict the procedures used, the findings, and conclusions.

Ethical Consideration

Who wants to know whether the methodology selected is ethical? Or do I want to use another person's beliefs to justify that way? Conduct an investigation and compare the data to the commonly accepted ethics. A problem statement will help theperson to decide which option to go for.


Let’s consider the explanations and assertions of interest stated in the methodological examination. The assumptions are logical and serve to persuade the readers that the researcher is ethically competent. Also, the difficulties faced in conducting the experiments are explained in a clear and concise manner.

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