Argumentative Essay

Basic Elements of an Argumentative Essay

The basic elements of any argumentative essay are;

  • A thesis statement 

The main idea behind this is to report your view of the subject from a specified point of view. In the introductory paragraph, you are supposed to define the terms used in the assignment. The thesis statement will now be what you capture the reader's attention at the end of the article.

  • Position 

Always ensure that the final line of the introduction defines your stand. Always start the paragraph with a sentence that clearly states your stand. Remember to be specific as you may risk getting the reader stuck. 

  • Define the parameters of the study

It is good to familiarize yourself with the quest for the given argument. You can easily do that by reading through the tutor’s guidelines. Keep in mind that every document has a recommended structure. That being said, you need to know how to design a thesis statement. After all, it may determine if you get the topic right or not.

  • Know the nature of your topics

In this case, the issue is supposed to be current Hence, anytime you interact with something that has caught your interest, it is always advisable to know its background and the chosen theme. It is from such lectures that one can quickly formulate a research question. Note that the thesis statements also vary from one to the other. 

  • Research 

This is a an essential part of writing an argumentative essay step by step. In the introduction paragraph, provide a summary of the three points you derived from the examination. The next two points should be back up by enough focuses. Make sure to present just the key points that directly answer the thesis statement of that paper.

  • Draft a hypothesis 

After drawing the comparison, then come the proposed hypotheses for the essays. The essay is written according to the proposal that was accepted at the beginning of the semester. It means that the essay has to be relevant, brief, and follow the right format. The research questions seek to prove whether the researcher proved the thesis stated in the introductory section. 

Because of the power that these factors have, they have to be clarified. Before you starting on the discussion, you have to understand the lecture guidelines. If presented correctly, the intro citation will show the relation between the theory and the provided example.

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